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About BookDevils

Book Devils had very simple and humble beginnings, that come as no surprise. Our site was founded in 2011 by an ASU Sun Devil student, just as an easy way for fellow Sun Devil students to save money on their textbooks. With the rising costs of materials for college, the average student can easily wind up spending over $5,000 for a 4-year undergraduate degree! The good news is, our textbook price comparison tool can easily help you save 50% or more off that figure, literally saving you THOUSANDS of dollars over the course of a college career! Our site automatically searches dozens of the top book and textbook sites, like Amazon, Chegg, Barnes & Noble, Valore, eBay Marketplace, and more, to find the absolute lowest prices anywhere!

At the time of inception, Book Devils didn’t have quite as much personality, and was originally called Used Textbook Prices (http://www.usedtextbookprices.com). However, as our base of users grew, we realized we needed some identity to our site, to set us apart, and UsedTextbookPrices.com was proving difficult for students to remember. A friend came up with the clever name, Book Devils, to compliment the ASU Sun Devils, the mascot of the founder’s school. It also made promoting the site name to other ASU students a breeze, as no Sun Devil will easily forget the name Book Devils! And for coming up with the name, that friend got free beers for life, on us (not really, but we wish).

To this day, Book Devils has stayed true to its origins, and still provides students with a quick, accurate, no-hassle way of finding the best prices on all forms of textbooks: both new and used textbooks, textbook rentals, and even eTextbooks. We have also expanded our search to include not just textbooks, but all kinds of books, fiction and non-fiction, class physical books, and even digital eBooks! The site is still managed by current and former students, and our goal is still to help all students – even those from our rival school in Tuscon (UofA – The University of Arizona – BOO WILDCATS!) – to save as much money as possible on their textbooks!

NO FEES? NO CATCH?! SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?! It basically is. We really only ask one thing in return – if you have used our site to save money on your textbooks, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Like and share us on Facebook, “tweet” about us, tell your friends, family and co-workers, run down the street screaming “Book Devils” … you know, normal displays of appreciation. Referrals are the lifeblood of our site, and the best way for us to keep helping students across the world is with your help!

As fellow college students, we understand the agony of having to spend all your money on textbooks - so we're here to make sure you pay as little as possible!

We don’t like to brag, but the average savings for BookDevils users, compared to retail pricing, is 60%!

We were never very good at math, but we're pretty sure that's over half-off!

Cut your friends some slack. Let them know how much you saved with BOOKDEVILS.COM

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